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  • 22 Sep 2017
    Microsoft offers approved Hyperkin's reprise of the old school original Xbox control - known as 'The Duke' - which means the creators are now able to begin the next phase of production before the gadget launches for Xbox 360 One and PERSONAL COMPUTER users.The remade Duke was first showed at E3 in June to a lot fanfare and ironically one of the men accountable for the project is actually non-e other than Seamus Blackley, one of the original creators for the Xbox 360 released in i b?rjan p? tv?tusentalet.Microsoft has been helping Hyperkin, who are primarily a peripheral Fifa 18 Player Auction coins manufacturer in order to bring back the classic controller as well as last night Blackley created a big announcement."#NewDuke has gone to tooling and is approved by @Xbox THIS IS HAPPENING! inch Tweeted BlackleyThe new (? ) control still doesn’t possess a release date or price, but Microsoft and Hyperkin will hopefully be looking in order to ship the product at some point this year in line with Microsoft's promise to release Backwards Compatibility for original Xbox games.Unfortunately, there's been no additional word on all those 'leaked' original Xbox 360 backwards compatible games that were spotted within the Gamespot website.You'll be able that these may have been old listings for games which were backwards suitable on the Xbox 360 instead of new backwards suitable games coming to Xbox 360 One.Included in the listing of 'leaked' games from Gamespot were Ninja Gaiden Black as well as Ninja Gaiden, The Punisher, Mortal Kombat Deception, Buffy The Vampire Slayer as well as Doom 3.Ideally, these are just a number of the games gamers can expect to see becoming made available once again within the Xbox One, however , even if this does come to be a false business lead, it does offer up a fascinating proposition.In total, 478 Original Xbox games had been made available on the Xbox 360 console via Backwards match ups and you would think that the vast majority of these might come to Xbox 1, assuming there's no lawful reason to prevent them.Currently, Crimson Heavens and Fuzion Frenzy are the only Xbox games with confirmed backwards compatibility support, but they're also 2 which were made backwards compatible on Xbox 360 console.This would form section of the announcement made by Microsoft at E3 2017 when cheap fifa 18 coins Xbox boss Phil Spencer introduced that Original Xbox games were finally visiting the Xbox 1 backwards compatibility service, something he'd already been teasing for quite some tiSpeaking to Large Bomb immediately after the E3 announcement Phil Spencer said that the lineup of Initial Xbox games "won't be as big as Xbox 360, ” which is supposedly related to music rights in certain games.Equally, Zino has also said that some key features that won't work when actively playing these original Xbox games.“Most OGXbox games didn’t have [widescreen], ” Zino said when requested on Twitter.“Can’t really easily change the frame barrier aspect ratio on a shipped game from [backwards compatibility]. ”“We run the OG program code, so the game will support what the original game supported, ’ Spencer explained within a follow-up tweet.Similarly, new Xbox Live achievements won't be coming either, since based on Spencer doing so would require patching every game, which is never going to happen.
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  • 23 Sep 2017
    EA's FIFA eighteen is still a week from release, but critics have already begun offering their thoughts on the new soccer game. FIFA 18 doesn't vary radically from final year's installment, but EA has made some notable tweaks towards the gameplay that make the overall game an improvement over the predecessor. In GameSpot's FIFA 18 evaluation, critic Oscar Dayus said the game's "on-pitch improvements symbolize the beginnings of the recovery for the series, " though it really is "still lagging much behind PES 2018's more fluid, satisfying football. " Some other reviews and opinions have begun showing up online as well, and many seem to cheap fut 18 coins agree that FIFA 18 is actually yet another worthwhile access in the long-running sports activities franchise. GameSpot -- 7/10 "It's off the pitch that EA excels. From the number of game modes available and how everything's presented, to the constant updates in FUT's Team of the Week, Daily Objectives, and discussion of real-world happenings in commentary, FIFA 18 captures the field of football and confidently translates it into a video game. On the presentation, however , EA's football series is still lagging far behind PES 2018's more liquid, satisfying football. This year's improvements tend to be welcome, but much more needs to be done in the coming years in case FIFA is to be a world-beater once again. " -- Oscar Dayus IGN -- Review-in-Progress "Ultimately, FIFA eighteen introduces enough brand new ideas to suggest it's not sitting on the laurels of its achievement. However , it's a simple experience, one that does not embrace the complexity of football at the highest level. Its focus on attack creates spectacular matches, however they often feel like luxurious offensive training sessions than a proper match with depth and strategy. " -- John Robertson US Gamer -- 4/5 "This series hasn't changed a lot over the years, and it's certainly not as dynamic and ambitious as it had been back in the days of the Xbox 360. But the base EA built in 2010 has held up remarkably well over the years. And with FIFA 18, it dates back to its strengths a little bit after a yr that frankly wasn't that much fun to try out. " -- Kat Bailey GamesRadar+ -- Review-in-Progress "There's much more punch to shooting from distance, much more intent on crosses (with genuine beat added to the ball--my favourite of all the brand new changes), and players are sharper when it comes to breaking onto loose balls or tossing themselves at photos. " -- Dan Wilson The Telegraph -- Review-in-Progress "FIFA 18 is a considerably better football video game than its forerunner. I was rather fond of FIFA 17, but despite the engine overhaul it was still beholden to some of FIFA’s more long-standing problems. Animations taking too long to unfold and delaying your move; wrestling to control unconcerned players; a lack of personality from player in order to player. FIFA eighteen has addressed these issues quietly but confidently, like a successful team Fifa 18 Player Auction coins signing a full-back under the radar because the previous one kept picking up daft bookings. " Digital Trends -- 4/5 "FIFA 18 depends a little too much upon back-patting and the illusion of choice during the story mode, but it's still remarkable how well Electronic Arts managed to inform the tale associated with Alex Hunter great family. The football on the field a lot more than backs up the composing, with rewarding game play that can entertain even those who normally hate the sport. Just make sure that you carve out plenty of time and say farewell for your family members for the foreseeable future, because you're going to require all the extra time you will get. " -- Gabe Gurwin
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  • 20 Sep 2017
    A revamped career mode and improved player physics come in this year’s instalment Football fans don’t have long to wait patiently until Fifa 18 arrives, as the next buy fut 18 coins instalment in the critically-acclaimed franchise arrives in shops next week. It builds upon the success of Fifa seventeen, using the same Frostbite engine which underpins EA’s Battlefield as well as Star Wars: Battlefront games. However , the engine can now render cinematic sequences whenever a transfer takes place or during in-game push conferences, for more immersive gameplay. An extensive demo for the game is now available, allowing followers to sample start mode. Gamers may jump into a match up and play as one of 12 football clubs, with four stadiums to choose from. Gamers are also able to sample the improved The Trip: Hunter Returns game mode that first showed last year. Fans could get their hands on the game later next week. Until then, here’s everything we know about Fifa 18. When does it come out? Fifa 18 launches exactly a year on from the final game in the series on 29 Sept, just over a month after the Premier League season kicks off. It will be released on the PlayStation 3, PS4, PS4 Pro, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch and PC. What’s new in career mode? A vital addition is the romantic relationship gamers will have with their agent, says What Culture. While agents played a limited role in the previous game, the website says “forging relationships with these money-hungry suits will be vital to getting the best deal” on transfers. “EA are adding a Bulk Effect-like dialogue wheel heavy on choices that can take discussions in different directions, ” the site says, as well as players can “discuss sell-on clauses, player bonuses and things such as that. ” Coaching has been revamped in Fifa 18, states Goal, “with over 15 new ability games available to assist you to hone your abilities and also improve your squad in career mode”. Added to that, Four Four Two states the dribbling mechanics have been reworked to assist gamers manoeuvre players with more precision. Who’s the cover celebrity? Regular versions of the game will feature Cristiano Ronaldo on the front cover. He could be a prominent character in The Journey: Hunter Returns and also assisted develop the game by putting on a motion capture suit so the game can accurately replicate his signature goes. Brazilian football legend Ronaldo Nazario celebrities on the cover of the special Icon Version, which is only available as a digital download. What’s wrong with Ronaldo? The Sun reports that players can “roll back the years” and play with famous players, such as Ronaldo Nazario, in the unique “Icon Edition” of the game. But the newspapers says gamers that have already got their own hands on Fifa 18 were disappointed that Nazario “is restricted to the tricks as well as flicks he can do on the game”, that prevent him “from performing his brand elastico or ‘flip-flap’”. Where can I pre-order? Pre-orders for the standard edition of Fifa 18 are open up now and can become found at Game with regard to Fifa 18 Player Auction coins £49. 99 on both Xbox 1 and PS4. Over that sits the Ronaldo Edition, selling at £69. 99, which comes with three-day early access as well as Cristiano Ronaldo on loan in the game. Probably the most expensive version is the Icon Edition, which can be pre-ordered on the PS Store, Xbox Shop and PC with regard to £89. 99. It is about with three-day early access, 40 ultimate team premium precious metal packs a host of additional FUT kits.
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  • 26 Sep 2017
    FIFA 18 is released this week which is welcome news to PS4 players who have probably been looking on enviously as Xbox One and PC players jumped at the begining of thanks to EA Accessibility. EA Access for all those unaware is a cloud based subscription support with Electronic Arts that costs £3. 99 for a month and gives players the opportunity to play a whole variety of EA games such as Battlefield 1, Mass Effect Andromeda and Madden 18. But it also gives subscribers the chance to play games earlier before they're released - albeit just for 10 hours maximum. However , EA Accessibility is only available on Xbox One and PC, meaning PS4 users have been unable to participate in the FIFA eighteen fun. But the FIFA 18 Icon version is available from buy fut 18 coins Wednesday and offers the earlier possibly opportunity for PS4 players to finally perform the game beyond the free demo. In case however you've just ordered the standard version - out on Fri - then you can still get your FIFA eighteen Ultimate Team squad ready since the FIFA 18 Web Application is now live. The internet App doesn't secure out PS4 users, so while Ps users won't be in a position to experience the full game, it will at least permit them to start making a few all important coins prior to the in-game transfer markets are flooded with new users opening packs on Fri. Another big release that's claiming our attention right now is actually of course Destiny 2 . But according to a number of sources, including NeoGaf, mmoexaminer. com and Paul Tassi (a Forbes gaming writer with a good monitor record) there are big quanties of players experiencing issues with the game on PS4 Pro. "These reports, based on NeoGAF, have especially plagued the Chinese version of the game, which is suffering from normal frame drops, " claims mmoexaminer. com. "Elsewhere, whilst most are playing without any issues, there are several complaints arriving that frequent crashes and other issues are hindering the experience on the PS4 Pro platform. "For some, there are crashes occurring when making an initial social discussion, whilst others are dealing with freezes as frequently as every few minutes. " Paul Tassi echoed these issues, writing on Twitter: "Yeah this is starting to happen to me A GREAT DEAL... EVERY time I go back to the game from sleep mode. Sometimes while flying to the Tower" Bungie are normally fantastic with addressing in-game bugs, especially with their weekly This Week in Bungie post. So either keep an eye out on the blog for any information or follow up any problems with the excellent @BungieHelp Twitter account for extra assistance. Though definitely not new, the Crash Bandicoot N Sane Trilogy has also performed admirably this year. Activision's reboot has very easily been one of the best recived games of the yr and arguably among the best selling, having thieved a march on several games for the number 1 spot in the chart to get more weeks than we can remember. Now, Niko Partners analyst Daniel Ahmad has exposed some striking sales figures with an impromtu post on twitter. According to the analyst, recent sales figures for the game indicate that the Crash Bandicoot And. Sane Trilogy offers sold over 2 . 5 million copies so far, worldwide. "Was just looking over a few numbers and noticed that Crash Bandicoot PS4 has already sold more than 2 . 5 mil units worldwide... wow! " While certainly something of a fan favourite character, it's still none the less surprising that a game such as this would sell quite therefore impressively. Especially for a game that's only on one platform. Plus, with Christmas still nearby, it'll be intriguing to buy fifa 18 coins see how many it could market by the end of the year. Just think exactly how well it could perform if the rumours of the possible Xbox 1 Crash Bandicoot release were true.
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Foster Care 38 views Oct 13, 2017
Astralis eliminate Cloud9 within the ELEAGUE CS: PROCEED Premie

The very first finalist of the ELEAGUE CS: GO Leading playoffs has been determined after a fierce semifinal match between Cloud9 and Astralis.

Astralis showed an amazing amount of resilience within the first semifinal of the day to continue past C9 in the $1 mil tournament series. The match ended 2-1 with the stars of Denmark on top, as the map sequence had been Mirage, Overpass, as well as Inferno.

Cloud9 began the series towards Astralis with a powerful, explosive offensive start on Mirage, ending the first half at 10-5. After a few small setbacks, the Americans closed out the first map in their prefer with a 16-12 rating thanks to a few effective retakes and protection. Even though Nicolai "dev1ce" Reedtz carried Astralis throughout the map along with 28 kills, this wasn't enough to stop the fragging energy of C9.

Overpass was a different story, however , as the starting rounds were regularly traded based on economy—giving an 8-7 lead at halftime for the Danes. An incredible pistol round ace through Tim "autimatic" Ta gave Cloud9 an early edge on their Terrorist side. Late within the map, Astralis acquired a sense for how C9 were running their executes, plus they quickly adjusted to complete a 16-14 return.

The final map from the series, Inferno, had been an CSGO AWP Skins absolute slaughter committed by Astralis. The Danes maintained their sites with ease, dropping only one round in the process before halftime. Inferno later ended 16-4, and Cloud9's operate in the ELEAGUE playoffs concluded in dissatisfaction.

Astralis will perform the winner from the second semifinal-between To the north and FaZe Clan-tomorrow in the grand final match at 10: 20pm ET.