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    • December 9, 2016 11:07 AM EST
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      Background Story

      Thank you so much for being a pillar for the adoption & foster community!


      Here is the quick background story:


      My wife Rachel and I have two biological children and two beautiful boy/girl twins that we adopted in July of 2015. We are also eagerly awaiting the birth of twins sibling, which we have agreed to adopt as well. While our story had a happy ending, our journey, like most going through the adoption or fostering process, was filled with numerous hurdles. 


      We enjoy being public with our story in hopes of planting a seed and encouraging others to adopt and foster and sure enough, numerous friends came forward, most of which we would have never suspected and had questions about their ability to adopt or foster.


      With a heart for children, fueled by faith and a background in technology and social marketing, we set out to drastically change and simplify how individuals and families approached adoption and foster care. We attempted to address a few specific challenges:


      • Connecting with likeminded people
      • Fundraising
      • Identifying reputable attorneys, agencies and consultants to work with 
      • Locating (accurate) answers to basic questions
      • Buying or selling quality ‘new to me’ children’s goods
      • Support for families and birth moms


      Additionally, each user will have the ability to create his or her own blog. We think this is an opportunity for people to share their perspectives, successes or struggles. For example, people might not consider the feelings and understand the magnitude of the decision a birth mother goes through – the blog will provide the platform for that voice to be heard. We plan on having featured bloggers who possess expertise in specific areas 


      We will be donating a minimum 10% of net revenues to adoption and foster nonprofit organizations.


      As a startup, we are relying heavily on grassroots efforts. Perhaps you have a large following or network and would be willing to share and be a champion for our cause or maybe you feel this is the perfect platform to share your experience and want to be a blogger, we would be extremely grateful. If your contribution helps spread the word to one person and plants the seed that saves a single child, then we have accomplished our goal.


      Adoption and foster care is a blessing. It has changed our lives in ways I never imagined. The process needs to be simplified. is the social community connecting all things adoption and foster.


      We would love to hear your thoughts on how you might be able to help spread the word! 




      Michael & Rachel

      This post was edited by Michael Richmond at December 9, 2016 2:49 PM EST

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