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  • Based on Matt, originally Tera was created only for PCs, but tera gold support for the gamepad was available even through the evaluation builds, and even though its use for combat was quite convenient, interaction with some of the interface elements remained extremely uneasy. This group decided to redo the majority of the game systems directly to the needs of consoles. At precisely the exact same time, developers drew some ideas from other MMORPGs accessible to the owners of PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

    En Masse Entertainment additionally thought of the possibility of cross-platform gameplay using a PC version, but quickly abandoned the idea, deciding to concentrate on creating special features and immediately improving the console so that consumers could find an unforgettable experience in the sport. Moreover, Matt stated that the transport of Tera to the Nintendo Switch is theoretically possible, however so far the developers don't have any plans to work on this, or so the vacancy for the first MMORPG for this platform stays open.

    As for the upcoming console version of the game, the team intends to synchronize events with people that are readily available to PC users. However, the studio encounters some issues when working in this way, so they proceed with some lag. Meanwhile, the team will continue to work hard and in the summer of lovers awaiting new content and scheduled events.

    'Tera' will arrive on PS4 in 2018

    "Tera" will finally come to PS4 this past year. In Masse Entertainment is now working on a console version of the popular MMORPG. An exact launch date hasn't yet been given. However, there was an open beta for the game on PS4 per week ago.

    Nevertheless, it was only open for people who engaged in buy ps4 tera gold the initial one. "Tera" will likely be free download. The game will not be multiplatform. It'll be as similar as possible to the PC version.

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